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3 Brewers - Hatfield

Blonde – 4.2%

A light golden-coloured ale. Hoppy aroma and a refreshing smack of fruity citrus.

IPA – 4.6%

Golden IPA brewed with five hops and fermented longer to give a clean, dry finish.

Special – 4.8%

Deep copper colour, robust and full-bodied. Well-balanced, smooth and moreish.

Bowtie - Watford

Old London Porter – 5.0%

Complex flavours of dark chocolate and biscuit reminiscent of chocolate digestives.

Buntingford - Royston

Hurricane – 4.0%

A traditional bitter, caramel hint with hedgerow fruit.

Oatmeal Stout – 4.4%

A smooth drinking stout to shout about! Notes of treacle, black coffee... one sugar.

Creative Juices - Rickmansworth

Ready For Love – 4.3%

Pope's Yard collab. DDH pale produced to promote the local LGBTQIA+ community.

Farr Brew - Wheathampstead

Lock In – 4.5%

A deep, rich, Styrian Wolf hopped amber ale.

Oatmeal Stout – 5.0%

Rich and chocolatey, Carafe Type 3 in the mash adds a little touch of smoke.

Mad Squirrel - Potten End

London Porter – 5.0%

A dark and foreboding ale with coffee, chocolate and smoke.

Pomelo – 4.5%

A single-hopped, easy-drinking pale with lemon and grapefruit notes.

Redwood – 5.4%

West Coast American IPA with notes of Citrus, pine and Marmalade.

Tropic – 3.4%

Hazy pale hopped with Moteuka & Eldorado with notes of lime and stone fruit.

McMullen - Hertford

AK – 3.7%

A pleasant mix of malt and hops leads to a distinctive, dry aftertaste.

Country – 4.3%

Full-bodied with a well balaced mix of malt, hops and fruitiness.

IPA – 4.8%

A strong bitter with deep rich flavours, using special amber malts.

New River - Hoddesdon

Blind Poet – 4.5%

Lightly smoked porter; chocolate malts, smooth and dark.

Chadwell – 4.2%

Pale chestnut coloured British best bitter.

Five-Inch Drop – 4.6%

Triple hopped IPA: toffee, malty aroma; pine resin and fruit citrus flavour.

London Tap – 3.8%

Refreshing Cascadian pale ale: hints of toffee, light citrus, hoppy; refreshing finish.

Lost River – 4.0%

Pale straw coloured, hoppy blonde style with a delicate floral aroma.

Pumped Up! – 4.2%

Seasonal pumpkin ale. Freshly baked pumpkin and hints of pumpkin spices.

Rivertown - Hertford

Nice Try – 4.2%

Caramel, biscuit & toasted notes, floral & herbal. Red ale with a smooth mouthfeel.

Two Bob - Datchworth

Gold – 4.3%

Golden ale. Cara malt flavours with a hint of bitterness from Archer & Jester hops.

Any allergens shown have been compiled from various reliable sources. Staff will also have access to a complete list. If a beer is shown as unfined or vegan it will not contain fish-based finings. Otherwise, assume it does.